GameFlip Stole My Money!

I recently made my account and everything was good! I was buying and selling items like normal. Then I sold a pair of Titanium White Zombas and had $170+ in my GameFlip wallet. Well, I went to go withdraw my cash to my PayPal and I woke up with a surprising message on my phone. I had a notification from GameFlip that said PayPal denied my transfer request… Weird. So I went to log onto my account thinking I could just try again and thats when my anger had risen. My account got wrongfully suspended now I have hard earned money sitting on a suspended account that I will never get back. I have bills to pay and a family to feed. I need my money GameFlip. If I don’t receive my money, I could care less about the account, I will pursue this case to the farthest extent and I will get my money back one way or another. Starting off small with a formal complaint against GameFlip that will be sent the the Attorney Generals Office.

i had pending dispute that hold my money too…im buyer and buy steam gift card for $163 but key was used/redeemed by someone else (seller alibi that he’s code got mugged and he’s trying to sell that key to test his luck in gameflip).
now its more than 1 week, even though seller admit that he’s scamming, gameflip didnt refund my money until now, i need my $163 back (funds + paypal).
and i also provide evidence screenshot that im being scammed. this is so ridiculous, just refund my money, all evidence including seller admitting mistake i’ve post to support.
if anyone here had same problem like me, please let me know that im not alone.

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same problem bought steam gift card code was redeemed. its been over two weeks since i submitted supporting evidence showing i never received steam credit, zero response from gameflip. i will wait a little longer before pursuing through bank since i used credit card. i will submit my evidence to the bank that i was cheated if need be if they challenge a credit card chargeback.

today i request dispute in paypal (im using paypal payment for funds and payment option), n few hours later gameflip support replied my email and refunded all my funds $100 and paypal payment $63…
u should try option using charge back cc, i think gameflip will refund u asap (maybe losing fee isn’t option for GF)

Whoever still have a problem regarding dispute/funds, please PM me.

I’m seeing lots of random comments and I can’t track every case down.

By sending the case to me via PM, I’ll be able to help you guys further.

Thank you.