How long does it usually take for Gameflip to help whe you’re scammed

Scammed by a seller for a fortnight account, took pictures and sent them to Gameflip for help in getting money back. How long does it usually take he scammed me for 72$ then blocked me. Happed on Friday it is now Monday.

Gameflip does not cover the buying and selling of accounts.

why you buy account ? lol

There are tons of accounts on Gameflip for sale, if they are not covered why do they allow them to have them on the site? Since it happened on Gameflip?

They are not allowed for sale on Gameflip. If you see listings for accounts report them and move on. Until Gameflip gets a larger support team or puts some other prevention measure in place, as it stands there are more scammers and account listings than they are able to take down.

They have all the information I hope he gets permanently banned. Preying on others like that. Sick. So there’s nothing I can do just be out the money. I guess I can’t even put his name on here until they get back to me right to warn others

Yes he will be permanently suspended, and you can link the users profile if you want. Unfortunately your money is probably gone.

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No front here, but its youre own fault tbh. You signed the rules upon registration that Accounts are prohibited. And your case shows exactly why. The gameflip protection system CANT possibly cover account sales, they would have to hold the money for years to ensure the seller doesnt just change the password.

But look at it like that: It could be worse, learn from it, most people got scammed at some point and learnt it the hard way.

Still waiting for Gameflip to reply. I understand that I’m out the money. I was hoping They would get back to me so something is done about this seller. It’s been about a week. I guess it’s just a waiting game or should I resend.

It’s definitely a waiting game around here.

Okay thanks

Hello, can you please send me a PM with your ticket number so I can check this further?

308980 is the ticket number ty Leah

Hello! I already helped you via PM.