account suspended, gameflip steal my money

i dont care about my account anymore, but plz i want my money you have no right to steal it from me, its my own money, its the money that i have brought games with outside gameflip and sold it inside gameflip so plz give me my money

Same thing just happened to me, a false claim from a buyer saying I didn’t trade the item even though I did got my account suspended and I have money on there

thats really suck to hear bro, if they suspended ur account they should let u take ur money out , they have no right to take it for themself

They are too busy on making their new site which they will also not be able to support all the accounts that has been suspended have money and they will just wait until the users forgets about the money and they will just take it as thier own. Legal way of scamming people

well i dont think ill be able to forget about my money , as i have been broke now for over one week unable to get my hard work earning money from gameflip, and they wont even help me or respond to me :frowning:

For all account suspended claims, please send me a PM so I can check those further and properly help you or at least answer you.