Can I Have support

I feel like i am being nistreated by support they srent giving me great answers as to percisely why my problem cant be solved and they seem to be ignoring all of my requests now. Normally I would not care if the amount tmin my account was around $10 but no I sell and Item that I worked my but* off trading for, selling it for $85 and not even being able take the money out. And then everytime I contact support they say, your account was banned for fradulant charges and you have made another account after being banned. Yes I understand that I did do something wrong by making a new account, but all im really trying to do is get the money out so it has use instead of it sitting in my wallet letting it sit there doing nothing. Please all I ask is for somehow gameflip can go into my account and transfer the money to me or something like that. Thank you, Alex.

Your account is suspended permanently you have your answer, money cannot be withdrawn. And stop making same posts over and over.

How would you feel if you sold an item that you worked so hard for only for it to be put to waste

And why doesnt this site block using a suspended email adress for another account then? Its literally asking for people to make a new account to get robbed and than be banned again.

This is the third post I see from you here and I already answered you earlier today.

If I see any more posts from you yet today, I’ll suspend your account due to spamming.