Account suspended for no apparent reason

I was trying to put more money in my wallet when it kicked me out and said my account was suspended. I can’t imagine why this would be, the only things I ever trade are rocket league items and very rarely. I would really appreciate some help.

They wont help. There is a bug in their application. For instance it will freeze slightly when posting items for sale and when purchasing. I reported this problem several times yet they kept suspending me. Now since they cant figure it out they just lable me as a fraud account and keep me banned. What great customer service.

Great, well that’s good to know. Guess I won’t be using this site anymore.

I put more detail into a different post. But yeah its been a total of over 1 year close to 2 being banned on and off for their own app freezing and crashing.

That’s ridiculous. How does it ever get unsuspended?

In my topic I created tonight, which is long, it shows Gameflip refusing to ever Unban me again as well as refusing to even explain what I did wrong. All they say is fraud.

Try contacting @DunnBiscuit to see your case he can hopefully fix it

Please contact me via PM if you haven’t done so already so I can check the case for you.