Do not buy accounts of any sort!

Hello guys,

We are seeing lots of users (mostly new users) from our marketplace purchasing accounts. Please, do not do that.


Accounts can be usually recovered by the seller (by any account recovery method) after the transaction is completed. What happens then?

The buyer stays without the account, and the refund can’t be provided.
The seller stays with the account and the money, therefore scamming the buyer.

If you see any user selling any kind of account, please, report it.

We will investigate the sellers and we will suspend their account/accounts.
From now on and until further notice, any account seller will have the account suspended permanently.

Thank you.



So how do we sell games from Steam/Origin?

To be honest I need to focus on other things and would like to get rid of my Origin profile with games, or the games there-in. How can I do so?

Origin games include: BF4 Premium, BF1 Premium, BF3 Premium, Crysis 3 and a bunch of others.


You cant sell accounts here, no metter why. If have have games as Cd-keys you can sell them, just not accounts.

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This website has some of the dumbest rules ever. So you’re telling me buying accounts is any more dangerous than ending up buying counterfeited keys from websites such as G2A or Kinguin that can be revoked by the developer at any given day? I’d understand if this rule stood for accounts that are meant to be kept such as gaming ones but i’ve been selling a service that requires the buyer to log-into a disposable account for 2 minutes and that somehow is classified the same way a permanent account is?
Get some common sense.

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Yeah what I’d do is change the logon for Origin and provide that with the password to the buyer, but guess I’ll have to find a way to unbundle the CD keys instead.

Yes, it’s been one of the biggest scams here since GF started whether is a Fortnite account or some sketchy ‘lifetime’ hulu deals. Its an incredibly easy scam to repeatedly pull off. There’s plenty of shady websites that you can sell accounts on. Usually the same ones where you buy cheats and gray market things. The key issue is another huge issue, but doesn’t diminish this one at all.

Your service sounds beyond sketchy. I’d love if you could link your profile so we could see what great service you offer.

What i provided is completely unrelated to those “scams” you mentioned but that’s beyond my point.
If this website truly wants to provide a market as honest and clean as possible you’d end up with very little options available in the market exception being the in-game items.

The market itself is flooded with scummy practices such as dudes who sell pack of keys that at some point went out for free and were easily acquired in the masses, dudes buying games for much cheaper in other countries in order to re-sell it at a higher price. ■■■■, half the key market is bundled games so what’s the point of bringing bureaucracy into this? This website pretty much made it’s name by allowing people to sell their in-game items for a game developed by people who explicitly said multiple times that the in-game items are not meant to have any real value attached to it. Where’s the bureaucracy in that?

Anyway, that’s not on you or me to judge whether or not what i provided was scummy or not, the people who bought my stuff sure as hell didn’t feel that way otherwise i would have 1 negative feedback in the 70+ exchanges made.

I think everyone else can agree that if you are too ashamed to post it than it must not be very legit. I agree the market is flooded with scummy practices like yours. Selling account is and always has been a relatively shady area that few sites promote. I don’t see how pointing out other poor practices such as reselling free keys makes what you are doing any better. If anything we should eliminate all the sketchy aspects, not allow accounts to be sold because free keys are. Who said this was a bureaucracy? It’s a privately owned website… Another point on which you seem to be confused.

I agree, it’s not on me, it’s on the site which has stated you shouldn’t sell accounts. It’s also on you to make judgments for yourself and respect site rules. Have you ever stopped to think why most sites don’t allow sales of accounts or “services” like yours? Feedback doesn’t mean anything. You can get positive feedback online selling guns, drugs, stolen items, ddos services, etc. but it doesn’t make it less scummy to sell them.

I look forward to your response sharing your legitimate, desired service, until then goodbye.

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My mate recently got scammed by someone doing this does that mean that there is no way for him to get ether the account or him money back?

Also please make it much more clear that accounts are not to be sold here

The problem is, is easy to get back sold acoount back to first owner. Gameflip won’t protect this cuz is easy to scam people and gameflip won’t pay scammed user. This is logic why selling accounts is shady and why gameflip won’t this here.

Selling “free” keys are not bad if cd-key for free for limited time.

Keys sold by vendors like G2A are NOT “counterfeited” they are real keys from users that are already tradeable. Psyonix would not have made keys tradeable if they didnt understand there would be a outside market for them.

This is just common sense.

Keys sold by vendors like G2A are NOT “counterfeited” they are real keys from users that are already tradeable. Psyonix would not have made keys tradeable if they didnt understand there would be a outside market for them.

This is just common sense.