Recent Survey - Account Sales

Morning Gameflippers,

Some of you, if not all of you, will probably have been invited to take part in a recent survey from Gameflip.

For those who were not invited to take part or chose not to take part in it then I will snapshot what it was about - selling accounts.

It would seem Gameflip want to take the views of their community on this matter. I personally am tired of many things but I am not tired of seeing messages in the forums complaining about accounts being suspended for account sales. Now, if only we could see the same thing for breaches of policy/guidelines such as selling random game keys - nothing ever happens to these sellers that I can see (I digress :))

My view on selling accounts is pretty firm at the minute - I think it should be banned from the platform. I believe it is too open to abuse/scams. A seller can recover a sold account too easily by generic means or contacting the platform and asking for a roll-back/recovery and accounts can be hacked, sold and then recovered by the genuine owners. I am sure there are many other means to scam a buyer on Gameflip but my other concern is that the sale/transfer of accounts is largely prohibited by Steam etc. and if they detect it you could get your account VAC Banned/Deleted/I.P Banned or any number of other punishments could be doled out (this is unlikely but still possible).

I am trying to engage in a conversation, would like to take the view of others on the matter and learn from the experiences of others.

Do you think Gameflip should support the sale/purchase of Accounts? Why? How could they safely support it?
Do you think Gameflip should continue to ban the sale/purchase of Accounts? Why? What are your concerns? Have you been the victim of an Account sale scam? What were your experiences?
Do you think Gameflip should have a three strikes rule (Warn, re-warn, ban/suspend) with a cool-down period from each stage to allow for the end-user to read, absorb and amend their ways? Or do they do this already and I am oblivious to it as I haven’t been involved in such a thing.

I look forward to reading your thoughts on this matter.



I didn’t get a survey, I’m sad.

No, there’s plenty of other places to sell accounts. The cheapest and most frequent account sellers are probably using grey market methods at best to obtain the accounts. The subscription accounts like Hulu, Netflix, or Spotify are even worse than the game accounts.

Maybe different punishments would work best. If someone is blatantly trying to scam someone I don’t think they deserve any warnings. If someone lists a beta code or account without knowing or uses vulgar language perhaps they could just be warned. Sounds like this could slow down the support even more though.

I agree with a policy of dealing with scammers - there should be no warnings and no coming back. You should be indefinitely suspended from the platform if you are proven to be a scammer.

For breaches of Gameflip policy/conditions I also see the difficulties with this - Moderators and Support are already struggling with the current demand on them. To effectively introduce a 3-strike system could potentially demand more of their energy. Any effective solution around this would have to be semi-automated.

On the face of it a 3-strike policy might seem like it would take 3 times as much work for the moderators but I suspect considering how many posts/tickets have been raised around suspended accounts for account sales/beta sales etc that it wouldn’t be that much more work.

I would imagine the workload would not be much more than it is now - and the forums wouldn’t be as full of spam postings about people wanting access to their accounts to extract $53. For a new user to the platform this can be quite off putting as they see constant complaints of heavy handedness and sellers feeling wronged. Most people giving more than a passing glance at it realize it is the 1% and it is the same individuals spamming the forums.