goodbye gameflip

I was really sad because my account was locked for more than a month because of: selling steam random key and selling accounts, I opened a ticket and pleaded with them many times to ask them for chance to continue selling. But without receiving a reply, I have never scammed anyone on the gameflip, even once the customer made a transfer to me $ 40 and I still delivered the goods while I could completely cheat them but I Do not do that. perhaps, compared to the scammers out there, I don’t deserve have chance to start over? thanks for reading

Prohibited and counterfeited items (Breaking ToS)

Random item listings

Any listing that is created without identifying the exact item that will be sold is prohibited on Gameflip.

Creating listings where the Buyer has a “Random”, “Chance”, or any sort of probability of items receive will fall under this. Listings that do not identify the item to be sold will be deleted and any accounts associated with the listing may be suspended or banned.

Beta codes/account selling

The sale of beta codes, accounts and account sharing is strictly prohibited on Gameflip. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension.

Lucy :heart:

Yes, my account has been suspended, I have violated it but I am not a scam, so I can have a chance to be pardoned

You should of got a email telling you if its temporary or permanent suspension. If its a temporary suspesion you need to PM a moderator after the suspension over. If its a permanent suspension well that account gone for good.

You can ask @DunnBiscuit if you want.

Lucy :heart:

yes but it’s a permanent suspension so maybe this will be my last post, thank you

And I don’t think selling accounts will be severely punished like this

You broke 3 ToS
Selling account
Selling a random item the seller didn’t know what they was going to get
Selling outside of Gameflip (You had someone transfer you money, this mean the deal was done outside of Gameflip and that breaking ToS)

I’m sorry you’re upset but you broke multiple ToS.
You said its a permanent suspension.

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I sell them because I see a lot of people on gameflip are doing the same, maybe that’s my mistake

You can go to gameflip now and find the keyword “fortnite account” or “random steam key” sure there are no less than 10 products being sold, because of that reason, I don’t think selling account and random code my account will be permanently locked, so sad

Them people are breaking ToS and once they get reported they will get trouble too.

Just because other are doing it dont make it right when its breaking ToS.

Like i said you can ask a moderator but the banned may stand.

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Can you PM me your invite code so I can check it properly and give you more information?