My suspension shouldn't be and i have PROOF

Ok so i had been listing accounts on gameflip with no knowledge of the fact that it’s prohibited. I went on to the FAQ and saw what was prohibited and this is what i found:

The sale of beta codes, accounts and account sharing is strictly prohibited on Gameflip. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension.

Gameflip then sent a message about the matter to me, telling me that:

Selling of accounts, account sharing, Beta codes or free/sample products are prohibited on Gameflip. Please do not relist. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension.

Gameflip specifically told me that RELISTING would put me at risk for suspension. I DID NOT RELIST AFTER THAT! Gameflip went ahead and suspended my account. Later they send a message that because of further investigation of fraudulent activity (selling these accounts), my account is permanently suspended. This is incredibly stupid because suspension means TEMPORARY and ban means PERMANENT. So they say i was PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED?!? I understand what i did was wrong, but i don’t think it’s fair that i was BANNED* (Permanently Suspended) because i followed their rules of not relisting and obeyed them. I want my account unlocked please Gameflip. Invite code: 4T8PYJ

don’t unlock him he is a scammer !

  1. I’ve never scammed someone.
  2. I don’t know who you are.
  3. Don’t come spitting out crazy allegations without proof, show proof of such “scam” before accusing me.

Hey, please send me your invite code if you haven’t done so already so i can check it for you.