Account Suspended for No Reason?

I sell cracked accounts on the Gameflip platform, and do so under strict guidelines that I place for myself. My account,, was suddenly suspended with a little over 15 dollars that I rightfully earned selling my hard earned accounts. Could someone please explain how I can have my account I suspended and how to regain access to my substantially funded wallet?

Not withstanding the “cracked” part of it.

It is against Gameflip Terms and Conditions to sell accounts.


The sale of accounts and beta codes is strictly prohibited on Gameflip. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension.

Cracked accounts are the reason that not even legit accounts can be sold anymore. There’s plenty of other sites to sell your sketchy stuff.

“Hard earned” yeah right.

I was entirely unaware of that quideline. Im such an idiot! Is there anyway I wil be able to claim the remainder of my wallet though?