Account suspended for a terrible reason

It is true that I sold my account but he got the account and I truly didn’t know that you couldn’t sell your account. I’m sorry that I did that and it will never happen again. Could you please let me log in and take out my money. I really need the money right now and that’s why I sold the account. Not only am I down a account but i’m down 120$. I have almost perfect review 1 person that lied about him never getting the account (which I have proof he did) should decide wither I keep my account and my hard earned money.Also in your gameflip guidelines it says “The sale of beta codes and accounts is strictly prohibited on Gameflip. Doing so will put your account at risk for suspension”. Nothing about a perma ban especially since the guy got his account and I broke one rule which i’m accepting but it shouldn’t be forever.

You’ve been a legend in the past with helping me but now this is really serious. Please come in clutch again

is my invite code

Hello @Aidan_Stock1,

Unfortunately due to the nature of the suspension and the suspesion of your alternate accounts I can’t help you.

The suspension is permanent unfortunately.

Thank you.