Error:Account suspended! Help me!

Hey. Today afternoon, I was banned from the account FOR ANYTHING! I have more than a hundred transactions on your site, always trying to help those who had questions, all the deals were honest. In case of not validity of the keys, they replaced them quickly. Why banned my profile? What’s your problem?
Help me in restoring my account, please. I spent a lot of effort to start trading on your site. Painting everything down to the smallest detail.

Hey I’m sorry to hear that.

Could you please provide your invite code for further investigation?

I can certainly be wrong, but it seems to be him.

Maybe I got a misunderstanding with someone. If so, then I am ready to solve it without any problems.

There wasn’t a misunderstanding. You sold accounts, which is not allowed on Gameflip. They caught on to you and now you’re suspended. You clear admitted to this in another post.

This person took the account and canceled the transaction. No more accounts were sold. Why write this nonsense? On the site there were a lot of sales of accounts from different persons. I learned that you can not sell accounts, only from this post.

why the ■■■■ they dont say selling account is prohibited because there are a lot of guys selling it and all of them will loose the money they have because they had no info… scam site

Look in comments, I wrote to him selling account is prohibited.

Guy, do you read what I’m writing? I sold 1 account, which I also was stolen by the buyer. I did not receive anything from him. More, accounts were not sold on my side. Or is it hard for you to read?