account selling shouldn’t be on this app

I’ve seen and been a part of the simple account scam. You pay for everything, they give you the account, then a few days later you can’t access it anymore because they contacted support and told them their account had been hacked. I understand the argument that you just shouldn’t buy them, but a lot of people do and making them illegal would emphasize not buying them.

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Sellers may get suspended for account selling. You can use the Report button on a listing page if you spot them.

This guy who got me had sold his account twice before. I’m guessing he has been reported by the people before me too.

Not “may” They WILL get suspended. There is 0 tolerance policy for users that sell accounts. Gameflip is aware of the risk and scams of selling accounts.

What is the username of this person on Gameflip selling accounts? Please provide a link to their listing or account for review.

@DunnBiscuit @op_JOkEr Please look into this person selling account.

Thanks, we will investigate it.