scammed on $50 on here!

So i was selling csgo skins and keys here and got $50, i wanted to buy bf1

maybe there should be a new rule of not allowing 0 feedback to sell game keys!!!

Before ranting and throwing around vulgar profanity, please understand how our platform works and that we built Gameflip from the ground up and implemented features in which makes it impossible to scam or be scammed if you follow these.

If you haven’t done so already, please follow the steps outlined in our Gameflip Buyer Guarantee FAQ article here:

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well sorry i was mad for losing $50, and i opened a ticket but no reply after i got asked for screenshots and provided them.
one day passed!
btw the buyer still didn’t reply or said a word, i think this should be solved already!
0 feedback seller, no reply to his post since 4 days already!
starting to worry here guys…

Please be patient. Support is still catching up on tickets from the weekend and if they haven’t already contacted you, they will soon.