What happens when....

I purchased something that was posted for sale, two minutes later…the seller cancels my order and i receive no explanation or why they have done so. Its not a matter whether the item was advertised elsewhere as this seller has 100s if not 1000s of the item advertised here.



So i have attempted to message the seller and quickly found i could or was blind and couldnt see where. So i waited for a message from the seller and then just chuffed at the thought then proceeded to buy another set of items from the seller, i then send them instantly a message asking if i could assist with the process and when to expect delivery. I waited 3 hours and sent a second message asking if they had any queries or would need any assistance…and then 5mins later the purchase was cancelled with no response or message. The advertisement states zero refunds after purchase and so does the gameflip policy itself…on both occasions its been ‘sold’ and i the purchasee was happy to have the items i just assumed i paid for.

I cannot now take the fact if they mis-priced their items as a mistake as the process is repeated throughout their inventory at different amounts of the item and similar prices. Also noting that i had followed the ‘search’ to the seller…and they had been uploading more stock and again, more at the similar if not same amount that i just paid. So the assumption they made the same mistake over and over, while these items are posted for sale and someone purchasing said items is and cant be my fault, the buyer right? Getting a confirmation of sale and e-mail confirmation receipt also?

Anyone able to assist in some light here…not sure what to do.

is this from rocket league seller

Yes. Very much so.

ya i know that idiot…posts 50 keys 3 usd like that

he should be baneed ,…he has 100s of posts and posts all day

1000s of posts

I’m assuming it was the 200+ keys for $0.75 cents?

Nah come one, i wouldnt be that greedy. You’d assume that, i would…They were $8 tbh and unrealistic, true im not a moron. Although the mistake being left posted for 45minutes+ at a time really cant be a seen too much of a mistake anymore if its known by yourselves + others here.

So surely since the seller is still uploading hundreds of ads and still putting the items at low as heck prices…Why for? Is he scamming or exploiting people in some way or another? Is he using them as a lure tactic to have people browse his store? I dont know, either way…tricking and lying to a customer on a website you have been permitted to sell on…kinda makes me think they have literally no respect for GameFlip.com or the sellers and the purchasee.

he is most likely using a bot and did not do it correctly

It’s not a bot, it’s gameflip api. He is allowed to use it.