Guys, what does it take to get a reply to my case? Can i please get a response??

I have a PM going on with @DunnBiscuit , i have a ticket open under 423290, and i have a thread going under Sekiro key removed... checking status in this help forum. I’m hitting day 14 on this, and i’ve not received any update on my ticket since 4/12 when you asked me:

“Is this your actual Steam Library? When you try to access the game what happens?”

which in my honest opinion was a nothing response. You asked me to send you a pic of my steam library, so assume it is my steam library. If you question it, do a little legwork and review my steam link attached to my account here at gameflip to see if it matches the screenshot i mentioned (yes it does), dont send me a question asking the obvious.

Second, i send you a screenshot showing the game in my library, but showing a “Purchase” button instead of a “play” button in lieu of a pic showing steam notifying me that the game will remain in my library and that i can un-install it or click to purchase. Again, why ask me the obvious?

I sent you all this proof on 4/9… took you 3 days to shoot back these questions to me that you could have spent 5 mins figuring out for yourself? Now we are 4 days beyond this in and I have yet to hear from you?

Don’t protect the scammer sellers:

Takes a min to validate that he’s doing this to other customers:

Daniel Ruzzo

game was revoked by steam 1st bad rxperience ive had buying game keys

6 days ago

ban this guy so he stops ripping off your customers and giving your site a bad name, and refund us our transaction. Simple action that restores faith in GameFlip. Taking 14 days and ceasing contact loses customers and removes trust in the admins of this site.

Please help me out and issue a refund here. I’m tired of checking in on this. Like i said before, if i dont hear a peep from the admins by friday, 4/19, i’ll assume this is not going to get handled and will pursue this with my bank.

Hoping you come back and wow me as i did find this site useful to offload dupe steam keys, but depending on the outcome here you are going to very likely lose me as a customer going forward…

Also, please figure out a way to fix your buyer protection policy. There are some very serious mistakes here. Let me illuminate you:

I marked this transaction as completed because i was able to redeem a steam key i figured was the polite thing to do, to tell the buyer “i got it, thanks!”. Don’t punish buyers by being polite and blocking contact with the buyer to the seller after that transaction is done. You realize what you are encouraging here is the buyer to drag their feet and never click that complete button, and even going as far as encouraging the buyer to request extensions where trust may be an issue. This makes life miserable for honest sellers who have their funds held in Gameflip purgatory until the buyer decides they can trust the seller. Why? Because if they click “complete”, they lose any and all rights if the transaction goes south.

Realize that when steam comes back and flags a key days later after redemption as they did here due to the seller acquiring it in a shady way, you have LITERALLY removed all ability from the buyer to work with the seller to see if this was a mistake, and if the seller can do something to redeem himself before forcing the customer to go to support. Why? Because once you click compete, you disable the messaging communication between the buyer/seller. Why do you do this???

Also, not allowing feedback revisions is another fail. This guy that scammed me now has a positive feedback score for ripping me off, and you give me no way of revising this? Makes me realize now that positive feedback scores on your seller profiles are meaningless.

Further, putting terms on your site telling the buyer they are SOL once they click “completed” is totally not cool for the reason above. You need to support the buyer. Its like going to Best Buy, buying a $60 game, walking in to the parking lot and having a best buy employee run out and swipe it from your hands, then telling them upon re-entry to the store “Sorry, once you walk out the door you lose all rights!”

This is flat out ludicrous.

Further, forcing me to come here, via ticket, and via private message to pursue this on my own valuable time to hope you read my request and act on it is just a waste of my time.

Please fix this system of yours. It just doesn’t work.

You should try using the mobile app. Even though transaction has been completed, i can still communicate with my customers through the app when i feel like giving them an extra bonus or selling them in bulks. Not really sure why i cant do it using my comp, but the app works for me.

how? I just looked, the app has no place at all to message him.

sry i retract my statement, not really sure how i did it last time

yeah they don’t make these matters easy. Seems like only 1-2 people work the admin section as well. Impossible to get a reply from anyone. 5 days now with no reply at all?

As I answered you before, there is no need to spam the forum, any post and also send me a PM.

Open tickets takes up to 7 business days to be answered, depending on the case/investigation/situation. Rovoked codes are hard to investigate and it takes time.

As said, we will continue any conversation via PM (since you PM’d me).

Thank you.