How to make gameflip respond to your issues ;)

Are you tired of waiting for gameflip to respond? Have you been waiting more than 20 days for them to fix your account like the case with me? Have you been ripped off and lost faith in urself? Dont worry! You can always file a complaint at and force them to help you with ur issues! Thanks!

“How to get them to respond” - angry guy with no response.

You act like an angry child who would rather throw a tantrum than actually get his toy back.

Seriously though. If anyone else wants a response look at everything @ConorJR69 does and do it differently. Make one single topic that doesn’t insult the people you need to assist you. Use titles that describe the issue rather than express frustration. Be descriptive, images help. Include your referral code in posts so you can be identified. Be polite. Understand GF actually contacts Steam, Playstation, Xbox and other companies support to verify code redemption dates and other information and that takes time.
Know that GF isn’t out to scam you and half the people claiming false bans on this forum actually deserve the ban. By doing these things you can ensure a faster response time for you and everyone else. Then you don’t have to look silly and make topics like these. - Guy who can remain calm and actually gets tickets answered.

Very few companies actually care about the BBB. They use the same predatory business practices as YELP. Both require companies pay them money to display favourable reviews. Complete scam and almost as much a farce as gameflip customer support.

Nah the BBB isn’t where its at anymore, you gotta call up Angie from Angies list and let her know whats going on. Be sure to ask for Angie specifically

Haha ur so funny i cant breath. I mentioned my problem multiple times on the forum included my invite code and described my problem in detail next thing you know, nothing has changed i still havent gotten any response from anyone its been a whole month 1 MONTH no one actually takes the time to fix my account. This is an issue on gameflip’s end and they are NOT helping by any means. Whenever i submit a new ticket aftet waiting 7 days all they reply back is an automated message that says " oh sorry for the delay response, can you check if the issue hasnt been solved by itself" like REALLY??? How long can a man hold his patience???

Explain to me why would ANYONE submit tickets about the same problem MULTIPLE TIMES if im still not facing the issue? Huh? and BTW i receive this email everytime a week after submitting a ticket about the issue. How else am i supposed to react?? “Oh its no big deal wait another month”

That’s a standard message and zendesk (help site used by many sites) feature that helps cut down on manual work. Hopefully you reply to those rather than actually creating a ticket. (If you are constantly creating new tickets and letting the old ones auto close after a week that’s why you aren’t getting a response among other reasons.)

Many issues do resolve themselves when buyers and sellers work things out, people figure things out for themselves, they update the site, they make an announcement, time passes allowing buyers and sellers to cancel on their own, or the staff provides you with some final reply that you don’t need to answer. Those are just the reasons I’ve run into. Would you prefer the staff to have to manually go through and close these resulting in even longer wait times?

Yes, that’s how you are supposed to react and how everyone else reacts. Grow up and be patient.

Yea yea if issues resolve by themselves why even have option to contact support? A week is different from 2-4 business days like they say themselves. So yeah. And drake sucks too btw

They do for all the reasons I just listed. It gets sent each week automatically. Who is Drake? The rapper? Where did he come into the picture? Are you on drugs?

Oh okay, two posts later, you again.

You got suspended here as well.

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