Gameflip are you serious? WORST ONLINE SUPPORT EVER

This is my 3rd time i post on this forum about the same problem i have been facing FOR THE PAST 24 DAYS. I have submitted more than 4 tickets about the SAME PROBLEM and GAMEFLIP IS NOT RESPONDING. CAN I AT LEAST NOW WHATS WRONG WITH MY ACCOUNT???

I sent this again about 2 weeks ago, didnt get any response. The only response i get from them is whenever i submit a new ticket in which they said the following:

Whenever i reply with ’ no im still facing the issue’, they DONT RESPOND AT ALL
its been about a month and my business has stopped. Listen gameflip, give me back access to the money i have in my account and i swear i wont use your service again. Someone help please!!!


I think I answered you via PM. If not, please send me a PM with your invite code and tell me exactly what is going on so I can help you further.