Been 20 days. Disgusting. No one is willing to help. Already submitted 3 tickets

Wow really? I promise i wont use gameflip again at least give me back the money i have in my account. Dear gameflip, if you’re not willing to help and fix my account, send me my money back. This is ludicrous. My gameflip username is conorJR69. Ive also asked for help here on the forum

Post your invite code, you can’t be identified by your username. Also, what is the issue that has not gotten a response?

whenever I try to log in to my account through the web or the app, I get an error that says " Error sending verification code to ( 964 751 XXXXXXX ) by sms. My invite code is CZ2ME7 with 25 reviews all good feedbacks. I have only received confirmation emails that my ticket has been received.

Help anyone ???

Moderators are off during the weekends.

I wish them well bro but its been 20 days


Sorry for the delay, I was able to answer your ticket.