Its been a month screw you gameflip

ive had enough i have to escalate my case to higher people, gameflip is not helping. This is ludicrous this is unacceptable.

Great, but when you go to the Forum some kind of information about the case or some references would be appreciated.

The moderator replied to you, did you not reply back?

I replied back to him via PM but he doesnt respond. He was even online a couple of hours ago

Ive posted multiple times over the past 1 month im really tired of explaining my problem everyday. Ik pretty sure they can fix my problem within an hour but for gods sake its been 1 month i havent been able to log in to my account! Imagine being in my shoes man

Sorry to hear that, hope it gets resolved soon :confused:

Its okai I submitted a complaint to BBB that will force them to resolve my issue :slight_smile:

All of your posts are just whining like a sad child. We can see your post history. You fail to reply with proper information to the proper channels several times. Grow up.

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Yeah its obvious uve seen my other posts thats why ur saying i havent mentioned my problems. I suppose uve also seen all the emails ive sent them yeah?

I have, you can see them all by going to your profile and your picture is a really ugly bright green background so it sticks out everytime you post another childish rant.

Lmao i feel so insulted pls dont make fun of my profile pic crying emoji

Hello, if you see the number of posts and new PMs I receive, you’d see the reason on why I take some time to respond.

You keep creating tons of new posts, that I need to read first before answering new PMs and causing delays.

If I see any other post from you like this your account here will be permanent suspended.

Thank you.