Cant log in to my gameflip account

Its been about 20 days i havent been able to log in to my gameflip account. Ive already sent out multiple emails to support but no one has responded. My username on gameflip is conorJR69.
I need help please. Thanks

Are you using iOS (iPhone/iPad) app, Android app, or website?
Are you signing in with Facebook, Google, or email?
What is the exact error message you received, can you screenshot it?

Did you check your email inboxes to see that maybe you were suspended?
Can you give a link to your profile?


whenever I try to log in to my account through the web or the app, I get an error that says " Error sending verification code to ( 964 751 XXXXXXX ) by sms. My username is (conorJR69) with 25 reviews all good feedbacks. I have only received confirmation emails that my ticket has been received. Its been 20 days and i still havent gotten ANY help after submitting multiple tickets. If this is how im being treated then i have no option but to choose another market place. I have my money locked in this account. WTF GAMEFLIP

Is your phone able to receive text messages properly? Did you get an email from Gameflip saying you had too many failed tries (which may stop sending text messages to you).

Go to the moderator’s profile and click on “Message”. In your private message give them the full phone number you used to register on Gameflip, then they can look up your account.

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