Unable to sign back into my account

Hello, so recently my Gameflip mobile app has been glitching out to the point where I cannot check my listings, and my notifications, so I decided to reinstall the mobile app, however it asked for the security code only available to mobile app users which I obviously don’t have access to considering I just deleted the app. So the only other way to log in was through mobile text, however at the time I needed to switch my phone number so I no longer have access to my phone number. And now I’m unable to log into my account with over $160 on it.

can’t you login via the website? www.gameflip.com ?

either way, i suggest you sent a support ticket to Gameflip help center here:


Yes Unfortunately I couldn’t log in via Gameflip website because it asks for the security code from the mobile app (Which I no longer have access to) or I can receive a text (Which I no longer have access to as well)

Hello War_Lord,

Could you please pm me your phone number + your profile code, so I can further assist you with this?

Hello, may I ask how can i direct message you on here?

@MajorTom I cant login my account because no message verify code to my mobile
Please fix this problem for me

Click on his profile and click Message


Hello, I have sent you a message could you please check? Thanks.