I got locked out of my account because I sign out of my mobile app and my associated phone number isn’t mine anymore. Help please?

I’ve sent an email to support but haven’t gotten a response. I need help, I have $28 saved on it and I was looking to buy stuff this weekend. Please help!

@dunnbiscuit help plz

@Tali help

If you don’t have that phone number number then you can request an account recovery in a support ticket. In the form give the full phone number you registered on Gameflip, and other information like username and email address so they can look up your account, and please don’t post those information in this public forum.

Hello Ant,

Could you please tell me your profile code?

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My invite/profile code is X2Z355

Anything else you need to know @MajorTom ?


You should be able to verify a new phone number now.

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It worked! Thanks so much