Can't log into account because old phone number still attached to account.


I am locked out of my account because I still have my old phone number still attached. I can not submit a ticket because I need an invite code. I already sent an email directly to, do I just wait at this point?


I would wait for there reply or wait into the staff get on in the morning to see if they reply to this post with a answer to this question.


Thanks for the the reply family. I’ll see whats up in the morning.


I mark mod. @DunnBiscuit @Tali


Normal the staff reply to alot of these post in the moring but they’re sleeping atm.
Most likely they will ask for your email or your # on the account being you cant give them a invite code.

Please dont post any information like email or phone #
These are the 2 Moderators that fix most of the issues
@DunnBiscuit @Tali


Hello, can you send me via PM or the phone number so I can provide you further help?



Where can I PM you? I am new to the site. @DunnBiscuit

I clicked on @DunnBiscuit profile but do not see the option to send a PM.


Please click there profile picture
You will see message there that how you private message them



This is what it shows me when I click his profile picture


My guess is your level is still low.
My guess is they would need to message you first.


Yea seems about right. I made this account yesterday.


I found this on this site it may work I’m not sure.
“The forum’s antispam requires a new user to browse the forum for 15+ minutes in order to use the private message feature. After you have done so you’ll see a “Basic User” badge on your own profile, go to the moderator’s profileand click Message. If you don’t see the button then relog on the forum.”


I think my trust level went up. I can send PMs now


Good. Please send the information to that moderator that requested it from you.

I hope your issues get fixed.

Any other issue please ask them or post on forums. :heart:


thank you for the help and support :heart:


Dont forget to remind them what the issue is + give them all the information they needed to make it go faster.


I don’t know my invite code and I can’t sign in because it needs a code that gets texted to me but I don’t get the text because that’s no longer my phone number


If you can provide me your old phone number via PM. I can try to locate your account and provide further help.



I don’t know it sorry is there any other way ?


How could you not know your old number