Phone number change


I requested a phone number change for my seller account in a ticket on but no one is answering. Is there anyone from here that can help with this, moderators? @DunnBiscuit ?

Can anyone help with this? No one answered the zendesk support ticket since Friday.

Hey topcat!

Could you please provide me your invite code and ticket number?

I will have this resolved for you ASAP :wink:

God Speed! :trident:

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@DarkKnight this was already solved but now i have another huge problem can you help me with this: After i did the update and attempted to get my number verified, gameflip denied my application. After i did that they also Revoked my already approved identity verification!?

This is a nightmare I have $1000+ stuck in the account, I resubmitted new photos of me and all the documents (exactly as requested, you can look over them) and they denied my application to verify id and my phone number. I wrote all this in ticket Id #487796

I opened my account to do great things here and make a lot of people happy and iā€™m very disappointed on how your service works. I need to get my account fully verified and my payout applications to bitcoin accepted. Please help me solve this. @Darkknight @DunnBiscuit

So sorry I was very upset when i wrote the forum post and i forgot to send my profile code along with the ticket number, my profile code is DY7RCP.

No one seems to help with anything here.

@MajorTom @op_JOkEr


Hello topcat,

I will check this for you and will answer your ticket.

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Thank you so much @MajorTom I just checked the ticket and resubmitted everything as-per-your request.

Thanks @RussXB1

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No problem. Hope all works out :sunglasses::facepunch:

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All this was resolved thank you Gameflip admins and other members everyone was very helpful. You can close this thread.

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