Change Phone Number?

I have recently got a new phone along with it a new phone number i sold my old phone but now i can’t get into my gameflip account can i please change the phone number linked to my account?
I can’t check my invite code since i can’t get into my acc
My gmail is



You can create a new ticket here,

New Ticket


Can you please PM me with your old phone number and the email you used to create the account?

I’ll be able to help you further then.


@DunnBiscuit can you pls help me

Please do not reply on such old topics. Thank you.

Contact Support to have your phone updated as stated in the link. Or message him directly because they will need information to update your phone number.
DM Works like this. VVV
Support Link -

Hello are you available to help me?

Hello @SpankMaster_3000!

Could you please inform me your issue?

Godspeed! :trident: