Need to change phone number + set confirm method to app


Trying here because I’m being ignored via email.

I stopped getting SMS messages from you a while ago. Then, I got suspended for too many attempts.
Eventually someone has unsuspended me, and to be able to log in - I have placed a friend’s phone number.

I now have access to my account, but can’t have my friend get SMS messages for me and be reliant on them to log in.

Please remove my friend’s number from the system, I’ll gladly send you my own, and change my 2FA method to the application - which I have installed (as I’m still not getting any SMS messages from you).

@DunnBiscuit - can you help perhaps?

Post your invite code so the moderators can identify you on Gameflip. You can also private message the moderator

Sent via PM :slight_smile:

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I’ll check it shortly.


My friend’s number was removed from the system, I have switched a phone carrier - and I’m still unable to confirm my phone number with you guys, because I’m not getting any SMS messages.
@DunnBiscuit - what can I do?


At this point you will need to use another number.
It seems your number is unable to receive our sms somehow.

Please use another phone number (not the one from your friend), and tell me whether it worked or not.


Sadly, @DunnBiscuit - no go.
Tried using my wife’s number and phone, she’s with a different carrier - cant get messages from you either.

I’m afraid that if I continue trying, I’ll get locked out again.

Wife not getting your SMS-es as well, my phone is blocked again, have to rely on friends and third parties again.

Can you do anything to assist me with this? Remove phone authentication from my account? Check what’s wrong with your SMS gateway? I’m a legit client, spent several hundred bucks here already…


I’ll check again whether the SMS are being correctly sent to you (the numbers you are using).

If so, there will be nothing that I could do besides recommending you to use another number.

I’ll check the SMS messages and I’ll get back via PM as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Can you please unblock my numbers?
I PMed you the other day