Gameflip acting like my account no longer exists

When I try to login, reset my password, or use remember my username via phone #, the login service either throws a generic error or says user not found. This is on the site and the mobile app. I was in the middle of resolving an issue with a code that somebody had purchased and now I am unable to refund them. I still got a notification from my phone saying the seller had escalated the dispute (after I found them on social media and encouraged them to do so.) I’d really like this to be resolved especially since all of my codes are still listed and I would not be able to collect the money if they were purchased.

Contact support and include your profile code so they can help your case.

It sounds as if you were banned for a violation, which you should receive a text and email explaining why.

I’ve sent a message to them already but I was hoping for a faster resolution here since my customer was waiting on me. I never received any kind of notification from them regarding a ban or suspension

Hey, can you send me your ticket number so I can help you further?


Ticket number is 412750 I believe

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