About gameflip support

Seriously gameflip? There are thousands of sellers on your website and you take 10% fee on every transaction, why can’t we, costumers of your site get a normal support when we give you 10% of our earnings? Can’t you really get a better and faster support team, that can respond in 24 hours and not 4-5 days or even more???
my issue was linking false phone number, and i cant login now and i need to wait until my ticket is answered …

Its been 24 days ive already submitted 4 tickets and still havent gotten any response. Dissapointed

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Yeah it looks like this site absolutely doesn’t care about their costumers. At the moment we speak, there are hundreds of users getting scammed for “PGI title sets” and admins are doing absolutely nothing about it.

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File a complaint via BBB Better Business Bureau.

Not surprisingly, they already have been logged onto the website for complaints, and no positive reviews


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If you still have any issues, please PM me so I can help you further.

I’m sorry for the delay, but right now we working to have this response time diminished by traning new hires to help us out.