BEWARE - Gameflip totally lacks seller protection

Gameflip has no phone support and their “2 to 3 business day” email response time is useless when you have problems with real-time transactions. I sold a $100 Google Play card to a buyer or scammer who insisted he couldn’t get the code to work. Gameflip support was of absolutely NO help in resolving the issue. I finally cancelled the transaction. Gameflip said the buyer cancelled it even though Gameflip sent me a message acknowledging I was the one who cancelled. I checked with Google Play Support which confirmed the card was activated, the code was good and I should be able to sell the card. I listed it again on Gameflip and it was sold. When I tried to send the code to the new buyer, the Gameflip application would not let me send it even though the previous transaction showed as cancelled in their own system. I finally sent the second buyer the code via photo attached to a message. He tried it, it worked fine and he thanked me. Now I can’t get my money from Gameflip for the sale! Through all of this, I have NEVER received one email or phone call concerning my problem from Gameflip Support other than generic automated responses. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE. FIND ANOTHER CARD SELLER.


in order to help you further, can you please send me your invite code so I can check what is going on?

I can guarantee you will receive your monwy from the sale, perhhaps it is something you didn’t do yet, such as marking the item as sent.

Also, there is a way of circumventing the error you got whn trying to list the code again in specific cases.

Also, you did contact the support team, right? If so, what is the ticket number?

With the information, I can help you further.


Gameflip [Invite Code: 129345]

Below is the whole scenario of my two transactions. Note that I tried to send the code to my second buyer after cancelling the first transaction but your application saw the code as still a duplication of the cancelled transaction code. So the only way I could get the code to the second buyer was to send it in a message to him. That worked for him and he thanked me for my efforts.

David Petrie

Hello, I’m trying to locate your account with the invite code 129345 and I can’t find it.

Can you double check this code and send it to me again?


This is my code from my profile ZUJ5NM .

The following are the four card transactions that you have already paid me for via my PayPal account. I would think you could find my account from them.





I can’t find my original invite code but I do not retype these things. I copy and paste them into my password file. The entry in that file today shows “Gameflip Invite Code: 129345”. If this is not working, your application has yet another glitch in it.

If you cannot settle this issue with the above information and pay me, it is becoming obvious you are more interested in stalling than helping.

There is no glitch here. I searched your account via the information you sent and saw that your invite/profile code is ZUJ5NM.

As I checked here, and as I said before you must mark the item as delivered.

If you don’t do that, the transaction will stay settled and the money wont be released to you.

Let me know if you have question on hot to mark your item as delivered.

Thank you.

How do I mark the item as “delivered?” I can’t find this covered in your FAQ’s for sellers. Why can’t you contact the second buyer and verify that he received the Google Play card and was able to use it to his satisfaction? He says this is the case in his message to me to which you have access. I would think you could mark the transaction “delivered” for me if you cannot tell me how to do it myself. Your WEB site says you people will “work with both buyer and seller to resolve any problems.” I have seen no evidence of this so far. None of this would have happened if your software had allowed me to enter my Google Play card code to send to the second buyer in the normal manner even though your own system showed the first sale had been canceled and you had sent me a message notifying me of its cancellation.

David Petrie

Enter the code and then put ! after it and it will allow you to mark the item as delivered and get around the duplicate code check.

THANK YOU! It appears that your instructions allowed me to send the code to the second buyer and told me to wait for his acceptance of receipt. This is all I have been asking for.

Thanks again,

Dave Petrie

It’s always the seller problem they never read the Guide before selling then come here to complain accusing gameflip of theft. It’s not their problem if you don’t know how to use the platform

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