Is there any support here that can help me with my recent transaction?


I’ve recently joined Gameflip and my experience for the past three purchases were good. Today I decided to return and buy another Google Play Digital Code card on here, but the code did not work. I haven’t verified the purchase worked correctly like the first three purchases I made. Is there anyway I can get a refund? I opened the dispute and tried to contact support but there are no phone numbers and the seller has not respond at all.

My invite Code: 5ASVGG
My purchase: f9613643-5fd2-44a1-8cbf-835b67d1be46

Thank you for reading.

please be patient when support checks with your purchase.
both sides have to be heard out and given an opportunity to explain themselves

Hello! I see that it was rescinded already.


Hi sir Im having a problem. My purchase is under review for 2 days and they cancel the order but they didnt give back my money its 25$ please help me.

Order number :2ac28a90-0c92-43dd-9ce6-189ff978ff47



The refund process might take up to 10 business days, I see the refund was started yesterday, so you will receive the refund in the next coming days.

Thank you.

Thank you for answering so quick!