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I recently bought a purchase from a seller who was distributing bad codes. The seller cancelled the transaction after I disputed it and a refund was supposed to be applied but I see no refund in my bank account or gameflip wallet. I tried contacting gameflip through the help desk but was given a 2-4 day wait. Issue is there’s an event on the mobile game I play that I was going to participate in that expires in a 36 hours and I would like to participate by attempting to buy another Google card. Is there any way to get in touch with someone who can speak quickly on this matter and help me with my refund issue

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My Invite code: NSQ8KN

Figured these might be useful


I will tag a moderator for help.


Here is a refund article


I used a debit card yet no refund charge has appeared yet.

Okay wait for moderators reply.

Open a ticket about this, do it Right here

The Gameflip Support Team will do the rest of the job.
p.s Once happened to me, I’v waited for refund from Subprof(underwater stuff) 45 days to appear bank on my account…

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