gameflip wont send my refund and no support will help me!!!..

i cancelled my order because it wont on review and i didnt want to wait its been 4 days and no refund… my bank does not hold refunds i have conformed this many times… game flip system says refund sent! but no refund has actually been sent… my support ticket unanswered for 3 days!

It takes a while for the refund to appear on your bank statement. If you need help from a forum moderator then post your profile code so they can look up your account.

JXKPB3 (account code)i know i read that but the thing is my bank would not hold it for any reason not even a day… as soon as they see the money i get it… which means gameflip has not actually refunded it!

in the past i press refund and its right back in my account in secounds but now i get nothing like WHAT THE ■■■■!

Depending on the banks, refund does take 7 days or so to show up. It’s been 4 days for you, so you should follow up in another 3 days or so. I once asked for a refund from Expedia, and it did take 7 days to process.

If their support told you your refund was issued, not much else they can do.

they didnt send it i know because i know how the system works and i have had refunds before! there system just isnt working

I just answered your ticket. Refunds might take up to 10 business days to complete. If, after that time, you don’t see any refunds, please, reopen the ticket. Meanwhile, you must wait for the refund.

Thank you.