Get the item as described or your money back... Gameflip lying ?


You’re protected under the Gameflip Guarantee. Get the item as described or your money back."

I have above 100 feedbacks, only positive feedbacks.
I bought a google play code from a seller 0 feedback.

The google play code I bought didn’t work. The code is blocked :
Google play is asking me pictures of the code, proofs of payment, proof of my irl adress with pictures of my bills. Name of the shop where I purchased the shop, the town where that shop is. Many informations I don’t have and that the seller won’t give me.

I clicked on hold the transaction ( “I have an issue with the item I received”) and I explained this but gameflip chose to complete the transaction.
The item is not working, the item is not as described but I didn’t have my money back.
Why ?
What can I do now ?

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Escalate the issue. Its a process, just because you said it doesn’t work doesn’t mean you don’t have to provide proof. Once you “dispute” you still need to escalate the issue and provide your proof.

Yes, I explained everything in english like above.
I sent a screenshoot too. The screenshoot was in french.

The code is still not used and still can’t be redeemed because of what I said.
It’s still possible to check if I lie but gameflip didn’t do his job.

And yes like you said, I had to escalate the issue. It’s weird since I already had an issue few months ago and I just sent my message with screenshoot. I didn’t have to go back to the issue to escalate.

Is there a way to contact the support of gameflip or is it too late ?

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Hello The_Flash,

You didn’t fully escalate the issue to us and your transaction was automatically completed by the auto-rate system after 5 days.

As soon as the seller answers you back, you should be able to see the option “Escalate Issue to Gameflip” inside the transaction. Doing this will generate a ticket number for us to check and will stop the auto-rate countdown.

I thought my proofs were enough to prevent that scam.
I didn’t see that “escalate the issue” else I would click on that button.

Thank you for the answers.

Error which Google giving to you might be cause you trying to use code outside of USA. If you look some google forums you will find out that a lot of people having this issue and Google don’t give any straight answer if it’s due to code problems or account where code should be applied. You can also provide Google with info you have (provide your own addresses, bills and send screenshots of gameflip receipt etc. as you bought this code here). If code still remain unused, then I guess you should contact Google regarding this issue as they are the only ones who can remove this restriction from your account or code itself.

Maybe it can work for an other country.

It’s 25 euros google play card. The seller wrote Region restriction None / Global.

Is there a way to know for which country it is ? With the first letters of the code or something ?

Only contacting google can help, but what is most frustrating is support from Google in this case, it will be hard to get any help or even response from them :frowning:

Thank you Gameflip and his community for advices

Thank you @RussXB1 for calling @MajorTom
Thank you MajorTom for resolving my issue