I canceled an order and haven’t got a refund or code

So i went to buy something and it said to verify the card and then i canceled the purchase but the money didn’t go back into my account… and i haven’t got what i went to order. In my notifications it said i needed a code to put in in the description of the purchase but there is no code in the description. Staff please help asap i am stressed out over this.

order id: ad6a7048-6635-4c1d-a401-01cae514613d

here’s proof and it put no money into my wallet

If you used a card to purchase something, the money went back to your card/bank account. Check your bank statement and see if the money went back into your account.

i checked … it didn’t go back in

Annotation 2020-01-19 234933

This photo here shows two transactions I made to Gameflip as shown on my bank statement and the recent transactions I made. What is highlighted in yellow is the 4 character code they are looking for I believe.

It might vary by card provider/bank in terms of time it processes. If the transaction relating to Gameflip is listed under “pending”, then there’s a chance the money will be refunded and the gameflip transaction will disappear.

i canceled the order and it canceled. i didn’t get a refunded and the transaction is coming up like a regular purchase there is no code i would still like to purchase this item but the moneys not in the account.

So the charge that is showing on your statement doesn’t have a code like the one I showed above? What does it say on your statement? What it is showing may show differently on the desktop version of the website.

i would have to look again… it said San Jose and some other things

It might take several days for the transaction to be reversed on your statement so you might want to call your card provider/bank as soon as you can. If the mods can confirm the funds did go back to you, then the issue might be on the card provider/bank‘s side.

Also, if you can find the code the site is asking you to find and you can input it in, do so if the notification lets you. I think if you don’t, your method of payment may be blocked for security measures.

how can i contact a mod? i would still like to purchase the item i just don’t have the money bc it hasn’t been refunded yet.

You can submit a ticket to https://gameflip.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

Or leave this thread here. Also, they might not be able to respond quickly since it’s kinda late in the USA and also on 1/20, it’s MLK day, which is a holiday. I don’t know if support is open on days like that

this is what it says “ Game Flip San Jose Caus Tran
Date/time: 1/20/20 03:25:35” status is pending and transaction type is debit my order id: ad6a7048-6635-4c1d-a401-01cae514613d mod please help me asap

Are you viewing this on mobile? It might show differently on a pc. If you can somehow expand and see more of the details, maybe it will show? I don’t really know much about this stuff. Also, it says pending so it might not reflect the refund immediately. The mods can only tell you if the money went back to you. Otherwise you have to contact your bank.

yes i’m on mobile thanks for the help

I meant to ask if you are viewing your bank info on mobile?

I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you get your money back at the very least. I’m sorry if I wasn’t of much help to you.