I dont get my refund

Support don’t answer any of my message i dont get my refund back to my credit card

I need my refund

I have same problem.

What we can do ? I need my refund

Check your card statements. Reversals of a transaction can take days to appear on your statement. If the transaction that relates to Gameflip appear on the statement as “pending”, then there’s a good chance the entire transaction will disappear when the reversal and refund goes through but this process takes time and varies by card provider.

Edit: I didn’t see that the transaction cancelled on the 25th of December. When did you send in the support ticket? You might want to tag the moderators of the forum community so they can help you right away and check the issue you are having.

I check my bank there is no refund with this amount or date transaction

Hello @Abdullah_Waad,

Could you please provide me the order ID, so I could take a look for you?

God Speed! :trident:


Hello @Abdullah_Waad,

I have verified the order and can see that the seller cancelled the transaction about two weeks ago.

So in this case, you should have already received the refund into your account.

Have you contacted your bank regarding this refund? The refund was already issued on our side, so you have to contact your payment service provider to check what happened.

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In the application said the transaction canceled

But my bank said the statement of this order is completed and the seller dose not refund the money

Hello @Abdullah_Waad,

I have sent you a PM message with further information.

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