No refund when I cancel order

10 days for nothing

Can you post the Order ID so a forum moderator can help?

Keep in mind that if you use credit card, a refund is really nothing more than “not charging you”. Businesses (or merchants) often do “authorization” before charging you, and if they cancel the authorization, nothing will show on your monthly statement. You need to look at your credit card (monthly) statement to see if you were actually charged.

0e96bbcb-b392-476e-bbda-bc71fdb8c319 is my order ID

Hello Neno_Emotion,

I have verified your account and answered to your tickets.

Also, please be clear that this order was cancelled so it was voided from your account.

This means that you might not see a separate entry on your statement showing funds returning.

Instead, the original charge will be deleted from your statement as soon as your bank completes the declined charge process. Most banks complete this process immediately.

Some banks do not support manual authorization hold requests. Please note that the final decision to release the funds prior to the authorization expiration date is always made by the issuing bank.

In cases such as this, the issuing bank waits for the authorization hold to expire before the cancellation is reflected on your statement.

Also, please use appropriate language when opening tickets to the support team. You account could be suspended because of this.

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ddd I paid through Paypal