Refund stuck + no verification

I tried to purchase a card, but it didn’t allow me since I didn’t get a verification code in my bank (but was still charged for the purchase which was not made because of the verification ).
I canceled the order because it took so many hours, but money is not back at my account.
So I need help with fixing those 2 issues:

  1. verification of the account( even though I didn’t get any code in my credit)
  2. refund of the canceled order (which is written as "Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase
    please help me since I wanna buy a card, but was still charged with a lot of money with this order.

Order ID is : b3fc1cf1-748a-4b89-8658-3f3d160e6159


Since you cancelled the order, that means that this charge will be reversed and will probably disappear from your statement in a couple days. As for the code, it is usually listed in your charge description on your statement.

More information here:

Well you are a bit wrong, I talked to the bank, they said that Gameflip didnt release the transaction from Pre-Auth, so until Gameflip wont release the order, I wont recieve the money back.
regarding the code, I already read the instruction, and talked to the bank offical, no such code/transaction is listed , the only Gameflip transaction which is listed is what I wrote on the first post.


Also, you can see if Gameflip currently has live support right now at

Hello @Shahaf_Cool,

Will verify for you, one sec.

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hey, @darkknight can you take a look on my post, pls?

Hello @little_dog,

Will see your issue as well, but can you please provide me an explanation of the issue?

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he spamming his api every hour or less

Hello @Shahaf_Cool,

  1. To verify your account, you can use the following link to get more details regarding the verification process:

Now, for purchases, you mainly need to have your ID and your payment method verified (credit/debit cards).

  1. Regarding order “b3fc1cf1-748a-4b89-8658-3f3d160e6159”, I have verified and can see that it was cancelled 21 hours ago.

In this case, the purchase was voided before the purchase was completed.

This means that you might not see separate entry on your statement showing funds returning.

Instead, the original charge might be deleted from your statement as soon as your bank completes the declined charge process. Most banks complete this process immediately while others may take up to 14 days to complete.

Some banks do not support manual authorization hold requests. Please note that the final decision to release the funds before the authorization expiration date is always made by the issuing bank.

In cases such as this, the issuing bank waits for the authorization hold to expire before the cancellation is reflected on your statement.

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Thanks for the report @little_dog!

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