Gameflip keeps cancelling my order

I just purchased 2 gift cards and when I was about to purchase the third I got a verification prompt. So I verified my ID and my payment and was approved. Gameflip then asked me for the 4 character code on my bank statement, and I sent that and Gameflip responded that that too was approved. Then Gameflip said that my order has been cancelled due to issues with the seller.

I tried purchasing again from that seller for the same gift card and once again I was put under review despite already having verified information. I waited and then got another the order has been canceleld due to issues with the seller.

I’ve bought from this seller several times and don’t understand what the issue is.

So I decided to buy the same gift card from another seller and once again I was put under review.

Why can I not make any purchases despite having approved information?

Edit: So my order was cancelled again from the other seller I purchased from.

I’m not sure why your order is canceled but try adding funds to your wallet and then use your wallet to pay. But first ask Gameflip support why your order got canceled. You can create ticket here

Looks like problem with your payment.


You got luck I guess, other users complained about similiar cards that were revoked from their accounts or ticket flights being canceled due to those gift cards being charged back or being target of fraud.

I’m sure the support team did this asthe team has a large experience dealing with such cards to protect you as a buyer and I’m sad to see you go.

Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions.

Thank you.

i really need ur help biscuit i already used gameflip to buy and sell stuff on and all my payment were on need approval and never had any issue as you can see on my account history i need really badly this payment to be delivered to my paypal and i also need to my account to get unsuspended plz keep a look at me if you think my intentions are to scam but i swear to god i never did i was withdrawling 400$ and if i dont get this payment i might be expulsed out of my appartement in real life i really need help my invite code is 9SKH5K

@DunnBiscuit that katy is the guy who i reported over 10 times on the forum. The guy who was scamming on gameflip making new account everyday and calling it gameflip confirmation where he used exeklp3000 email to get the scammed codes

i am not a scammer oi reported em all tho i was only selling tw apex and tw zomba

Hey Dunn! My order keeps getting declined and I want to find a solution to this. (here’s some information that might be helpful- A buyer cancelled my order because I asked him to and Gameflip refunded me, so I tried to buy another listing and now it just says “there is an error, declined”) I will cooperate any way to fix this! Thank you

This issue was already adressed on another post.


Can you PM me and tell me more about this issue?

I’ll gladly help you further.


Continuing the discussion from Gameflip keeps cancelling my order:

I think I found out what the problem is. Gameflip says it refunded me but I think it takes a couple days for the money to go back to my card. Only time will tell I guess.

Depending on the payment method you use, it could take up to 7 days to process your refund.

• If you used a credit/debit card, the charge will go back to your card
• If you used PayPal, Alipay, or WeChatPay, the fund will go back to your respective account
• If you used Cash from your Gameflip Cash Balance (Sale Proceeds or Add Funds), it will go back to your Cash Balance immediately
•If you used Credits from your Gameflip Credits Balance, it will go back to your Credits Balance immediately

Being you used a card it up to your bank.
It could be much faster like 3 days or up to 7 days.
All banks handle refunds differently.

Lucy :heart:

I used a visa gift card which is debit, how long do you think it could take?

It should take around 3 to 7 days depending on the bank.
Just keep a eye out for it. It could happen anytime in this timeframe.

The only way people get refunds money back right away on gameflip is if the used cash (funds) from gameflip or credits from gameflip.

They should of email you amount of time it should take if they give you a refund.

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hmm that’s odd I never got an email saying the amount of time it should take for my refund. I checked all my folders and inboxes

I got a refund from gameflip instantly when my order was cancelled using visa

This a old email I had but its what I got when I got a refund

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Did you use any gameflip funds in that order?
Normal you will get gameflip fund back instantly.

They would use gameflip funds first and once the runs out they will bill the leftover of the item to your card.

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