Seller keeps canceling orders

The seller Super Deals GC has canceled 3 orders on me now. First order no reason was specified. Second order he told me that he ran out of the 200$ itunes gift card that he sold for 10$ FLP and told me to come back next week to buy. Third order when I came back to buy it a week later he canceled it and then blocked me from buying from him. He wasted my time 3 times and made me waste my money on buying 150$ worth of FLP for a 200$ iTunes gift card. I should get compenstion for this since I’ve been trying to get it and no one else sells 200$ ones for 150 FLP.

@DunnBiscuit I see you are the person who can help me out. I hope you can fix asap, thanks!


Bump no response

whats your profil name
i will tell you reason cancellation and block

Why should you receive compensation from Gameflip when they have no control over your experience with that specific seller.

It is the same as my forum name, scorpio07

Edit Display name is Pablo

Please order number

@scorpio07 i have checked i dont have order $200 itunes gift card with scorpio07 last 7 days please check it again or provide me order number

1aae544a-0640-4b12-9ce9-ff5a95232cf3 order number from 7 days ago you canceled and told me to come back next week when you had more to buy.
04997037-6014-4b8f-a4ce-d636ee40458a order number from 1 day ago that was also canceled and then I got blocked

@scorpio07 Pablo is your second profile?
also please provide me 1st order id
you told me cancelled 3 orders you just sent 2 orders id

The third order ID is: 2826b636-e7d4-46ec-9fd3-a1b8cb62df16
And Scorpio07 is my username on here and for my Gameflip account but Gameflip shows my name as Pablo for whatever reason

@scorpio07 thank you for detail information
todays on gameflip many scammer open new and unverified profiles after use code says you sent me used code
because i dont want to trade with unverified profile owners
i need to defense my self from scammers here
i see you opened your profile 2 month ago but activity just try buy code from me
because i think this your 2nd profile
after verify your account write me personal message i will check profile and i can unblock you again

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