Someone made 5 orders on my profile within a few mins then asks me to cancel them

Hello everyone!

Someone made 5 orders on my profile within a few mins span then asks me to CANCEL them. “My friend just went on my phone and bought a ton of stuff for jokes” the buyer said… It is quite obvious that this person is a troller or its a spoof account of another gameflip seller thats doing this just to mess up my account.

It is highly unlikely that someone “accidentally” makes 5 purchases in a row … Especially when gameflip asks u confirmations multiple times for every order. You need to add money to your account and approve that also.

Anyways whatever the truth is I wouldn’t have mind canceling if it was one order … Things like this happen often in fact. But I’m hesitant to cancel the entire 5 orders because whenever u cancel an order gameflip gives a warning saying “Multiple cancellations may lead to account suspension”. Which I definitely wouldn’t want. So I asked the buyer to contact gameflip support and explained him the situation. I doubt however that he would do anything and probably leave it to me. I would be forced to cancel the orders then because of the 2 days delivery limit.

That’s why I have made this post. Would like mods to advise me what to do here. Should I cancel all 5 orders and nothing would happen to my account or would the mods handle this? Cause I don’t wanna cancel all of them without asking and risk account suspension

I have attached screenshots of orders and the chat with the buyer as proof. Please advise @DunnBiscuit

Order-ids: 5f570875-64d6-4b42-b6d4-ccdd622d1802

My INV code: Q4MFVG

it depends what you are selling. if its giftcards id be cautious

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Submit a ticket here


ok ill do that

Send me the ticket number via PM, so i can have it on my records and help you further.

Thank you.

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Alright will do

Hey there Admin. I had a question. I’ve had circumstances like his and was curious on the “Canceled Order Limit” and what the actual magic number is.