Canceled Order Limits

Hello there, first time poster here. Just had a quick question. As a seller, I have finally topped over 200 sales in my short 2 month stint with GameFlip. I love the community and have enjoyed every experience that has happened because of GameFlip. But there have been times where either a buyer couldn’t cancel the order because too much time has passed or they found out that I had a bigger bundle that they were interested in or certain circumstances that were very specific for instance: there was an incident were an 11 year old child had bought one of my listings and after I found out he was 11, I canceled the order, told him to be wiser on spending his money, and gave him the item for free. Anyhow, I explain all this because supposedly there is a limit on canceled orders. I think I am around 18 canceled orders or so. Like I said, I’ve never done it maliciously just to spite a buyer but am just curious on what that magical figure is. Thank you in advance for any and all help!


Buyers can cancel order after delivery time is up. But there is a 12 hour grace period after delivery time if up so buyer will have to wait for that too if seller doesn’t cancel for the buyer.

As long as all of your cancelled orders have valid reasons, it won’t matter because you can just contact Support if there are any issues. If you got other issues as well, you can also contact Support.

I don’t know if there’s a limit for that. But of course, people who troll or keeps cancelling orders without reason will probably be dealt with.

You can also contact Support to ask them about whether there’s a limit and wait for a reply. Link is above.
Goodluck with Selling.

Awesome. I really do appreciate the feedback! That is very helpful information! Thank you so much for you response!!!

There’s no hard and fast limit that is published. Thus, as long as you stay within reasonable number, it should be good. What can get sellers in trouble is that they do a lot of cancellations because they don’t maintain good inventory or require buyers to be ready and accept right away, which many buyers don’t agree. Such actions will raise red flags even if you have many sales.

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Right. I totally agree. I keep a huge, proper spreadsheet of all inventory for my items so I know what you mean. It is extra work but it is totally worth it in the end when everything is organized and you know what you have and know what you don’t have. It’s a lot easier. And yeah I’m not a buyer who cares about when it is accepted as long at is it accepted at some point. I appreciate the help ya’ll.