Wondering about a particular common scenario

Hello, I’m a seller on Gameflip and I run into many types of the same customer on a daily basis.

  1. Customer orders item.
  2. Customer spams seller within 30 minutes usually for not delivering the item instantaneously .
  3. Customer requests a cancellation.
    As a seller am I obligated to cancel someones order because of a scenario about this? I run into this problem several times a day and it’s getting extremely frustrating, I usually deliver all of my orders within the hour but the gameflip guarantee is within the time frame the order is selected to be delivered in. Most of my listings have the 1 day time frame. So can I technically refuse to cancel the order? I have about 4-5 of these types of impatient customers on a daily basis. Theres only so many customers you can block/ cancel orders for without it affecting your daily business revenue.
    The flip side is that you could say then just deliver your orders faster, but as a seller that works alone, theres a limit to how fast I can get the items and to how fast I send them.

This often happens to me as well, hope you find the answer your looking for :slight_smile:

off topic can you remove MY profile description from your gameflip profile? not very original huh

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The description was well written, and I paraphrased it, appologize.

There should be a better way to handle it, but there isn’t as far as i know.

Hello @FlexShop,

As I am aware, I believe that you do not have to cancel it. I could be wrong on this.

If the seller does not ship/send the item(s) within the “Seller sells in” promised days, the buyer can cancel the transaction. (This doesn’t apply for Auto Delivery/Bot Delivery items).

Personally, if the buyer wants to cancel it, I will cancel it for them. I make it as easy as I can for future purchases. :wink:

You should only be posting your items if you have them in stock/ in your inventory ready to sell


Vnvxml, as another seller in Fortnite section, you know just as well as I do that stock needs to be retrieved/created, over 500 different listings, and only 200 inventory slots, you can’t mean to tell me you have every item in stock that you are selling at the time of each order, items need to be retrieved. Most of gameflip is comprised of resellers and as long as the items delivered within the gameflip guarantee I dont see as to why I need to have in stock the items.

Yes okay thank you, I thought I was just being overly concerned about it. Glad to know I wasnt the only one.

Hello @FlexShop,

We know that it is hard to keep track of the items you have and do not have.

It is incredibly hard for me when I have over 700+ listings, but it is important that you try to post only 1 of each listing.

The last thing we want is to clog listing searches with items that we do not have. That is not good business.

VNXMVL, being the highest rated seller on Gameflip, should know how to keep his listings organised, and take them down when out of stock. From his ratings, you can see that buyers have no problems about getting their items in a short time.

If any seller, small or big, were to do something against the guidelines, they would recieve the same punishments.

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I have all items delivered within 1 hour of an order being placed 99% of the time, there is no problem, This topic isn’t a question of how I run my business. I was addressing VXNMVL in my response to him, not you.This topic isn’t about punishments and what not. This topic was a question of whether or not I had to cancel.
I respect the way VXNMVL does business a lot for the record and I appreciate you, Aeralo, taking time out of your day to give information on topics that are posted in the help section
With all due respect, I appreciate the help, but you are not a moderator, and I see you on this forum constantly back-seat moderating. Vxnmvl is a moderator and that is why I was addressing him.

Hello @FlexShop,

That’s fine. I appreciate you for reminding me.

Also remember that I have gave the same information which was correct :wink:

Buyers expect items to be delivered within a few minutes (when online), but if you’re item is delivered within the promised time frame, there is no problem.


You have 24 hours (or whatever time you set) to deliver the items or refund it, that’s your choice.

As @Aeralo said if they ask to cancel it, I cancel it to avoid bad business/ratings later on, not to mention having to contact support


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Hello @Bert,

Can I ask what is being copied?

If it is something that you can prove you started it and something that is not used by others, it is not allowed to be copied.

If it is something like ‘Instant & Fast’, that can be used since so many sellers use it.

All general sayings, lmao. Not song lyrics.

Hello @Bert,

From the screenshots that @FlexShop has shown, these aren’t copied since many sellers use the same text, and main language cannot be copyrighted.

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