Seller does not communicate

I bought a item from gameflip. And the seller had chosen that me and him have to decide a time to trade the item. Im sending messages to him but i do not get any respond. What should i do?

In the listing page it says “Seller sends in”, if the seller doesn’t deliver your item after that then you should immediately cancel or open a dispute. The seller might be asleep or busy, but you have those cancel/dispute ability in case they’re ignoring/scamming you.

Just don’t rate him until you have received (and confirmed it’s good) what you bought.

How do i cancel my order when the 1 day he promised has gone by?

A “Cancel” button will appear.

Click on the purchase you made. If the deliver by date has passed, on the bottom right should be something like “I want to cancel”.

When i cancel my order how long does it take for my money to get to my account?

Fund goes back immediately, the seller usually blocks you then. That’s how it works here. Bad sellers keep operating without any affect. They’ll block you immediately if you have a problem with their order.