Sellers Gurantee?

I always list my items so that they get delivered within 1 day however this buyer provides a steam url during purchase time which I added within a few hours after he bought the item and he adds me, I message him 3 times 12:15am, 7:30am and again at 9:44pm on steam (at this point I shouldn’t give item as time is up) and on gameflip he doesn’t respond at all.

To gameflip it seems like I didn’t do the right thing and “send the item within the time I have given” wasting the sellers time completely.

If he really doesn’t want the item, then why not tell me to cancel it or cancel it himself, sick and tired of these idiotic buyers who just ruin things.

How is this fair for the seller

I encountered a similar issue except that I had sent a trade offer to the buyer’s trade link provided when they purchased the item. I pressed “complete order” and waited until they accepted the trade offer and complete transaction. The buyer had three days to accept and complete transaction but never showed up. I contacted Gameflip for help and said they couldn’t do anything other than them reminding the buyer to accept and complete transaction. End of the day, the buyer never showed up, the order completed automatically, I got my money and kept the item. I felt bad for them and tried to send it after the fact for a few weeks. I gave up afterwards but it goes to show that if you can (not all Steam games can do bot transfer), doing bot transfer makes the exchange easier and smoother. Also, there’s no button to cancel an order after the payment for the order has gone through but yeah, they could’ve told you to cancel it if anything. However, you never know what situation they are in between the time the buyer bought your listing and when the 1 day delivery window closes. If you are approaching the end of the delivery window, just cancel the order and note that the buyer demonstrated poor communication or whatever.