Buyer problem not sure what to do

I gave the buyer the item and have video proof and they still haven’t accepted so when would be the best time to notify Gameflip or should I message the person first

I usually give a friendly reminder after a day or two: “Hey, don’t forget to confirm the delivery on gameflip whenever you’re free :)”.
But remember, gameflip has a built-in 3 day timer so after 3 days it’ll automatically accept for you.


Good suggestion. A lot of new buyers don’t know they have to manually confirm the order to complete it.

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how about you leave the buyer alone to have the 3 days which GAMEFLIP guarantee to them before accepting ?

i understand you need to get paid …we all do …but pressuring the buying to give up a right that he has from Gameflip is risky and will soon get you back feedback from one of these buyers…

Don’t be worry, many ppl not confirm at all after taling their items. But as said before me. After 3 days countdown money will be release automaticly by gameflip unless there is no dispute opened by buyer.

I disagree with you,V. Depending on what you traded. Let’s say it’s a digital item from Rocket League. The buyer typically expects an item to be delivered within ten minutes of purchase. So why should the seller be fast, but the buyer be slow?

The delivery/acceptance time should be an equal amount. If you get the item quickly. It’s generally good manners to accept equally as fast.

Like one of the earlier commenters said. It’s a good idea to send a friendly reminder, and not a demand, to the buyer to let them know that the transaction isn’t completed. Otherwise, you may run into one of those egotistical jerks that will let the timer run out, just because they can.

Edit: I’ll also say, if you have video proof. Do not worry about getting paid. If the buyer disputes the sell. Just send everything you have to gameflip. You can always block them from buying from you in the future, as well.