Buyer to Complete Transaction

I recieved an order from a new seller with no feedback. (These are the most frequent sellers to not complete a transaction).

I have video proof + screenshots if needed, the buyer has not responded or complete the transaction.

Transaction ID - 48d55877-d9f3-4e9c-9403-8eeb21bc2fb8

Buyer’s Profile -

Seller’s invite code + Profile - GXUY5M -


It happens quite often if you sell a lot as there are many new buyers everyday.
Since you gave the item and buyer did not respond, just wait out the 3 days. There are buyers who buy just one item and that’s all.

It is not agaisnt rules. As long he does not open dispute or try to scam, it’s fine. I have got a buyer before buying my item and waited 5 days for the buyer to even give his username.

Gameflip Reference VV

(Optional) Block them afterwards if you want since it would take 3 days to get the funds if they buy from you again.

No need for any Drama incase anyone else wants to reply. Thanks.

  • you know it’s with in buyers right to complete a transaction when ever he feel like with in 72h or leave it to auto complete, as not sure what you want the support to do for this exactly, as many shops around here always face IDL buyers who never complete or rate or answer your massages, wait for your 3 days timer and your done as there is nothing to be done, or what you want the support to do.
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Agreed the buyer has the choice to complete it or let wait the timer out, As sparkling said it’s best to just let it complete because if you bug the buyer too much it can result in neutral or negative feedback

Support will not do anything to speed it unless the buyer has opened a false dispute

Hello @Noxcy,

I’ve only sent the buyer 2 messages about it.

Once straight after delivery, and a message 1 hour after the delivery.

I haven’t sent any more due to what you said:

I usually post it here as moderators did complete it for me.

It depends on the situation. A regular listing for in game items usually you have to wait the full time.

Digital code sales under certain circumstances a mod may help speed the process

You can always dm one of the admins if you feel your case’s completion process should be sped up

Good luck :grinning: