Seller pushing buyer to complete transaction (a continuation)

Hello everyone.
I want to continue a conversation about some sellers who force to finish transaction.
Here is link of first topic and @Nobistik clearly wrote about issues.
Sellers pushing buyers to complete transactions

Yesterday I bought activation code and seller spammed in chat to close transaction. I wrote him - I have 3 days for it. And really I have a strong right to complete transaction during 3 days.
Seller continues to spam, therefore I wrote him “If you will continue to force me - I will report you.”
As an answer I received “I’ve the right to suggest you what to do, you don’t have a good reason to report me. I didn’t use any bad word against you. Reporting me will result in reporting you + giving you a bad review. Do whatever you want, wait 3 days no problems, but I’m writing it in my review after the purchase.”

Finally, I have right to hold transaction 3 days. Seller can ask me to complete asap, but to spam in chat - it looks like forcing. I always try to complete transaction asap based on my possibilities. And now I have a danger to receive bad feedback because of I have right to hold 3 days order. Is it blackmail?

At the end of this story…
I redeemed code and I completed transaction.
I received neutral feedback with text “No problems, but when I sold him codes I needed to wait almost 2 days until he confirmed the order.”
What’s going on? I have a clear right to redeem code and hold transaction during 3 days. I do not want to rate this guy and to hate his reputaton giving him poor or neutral rate.
I kindly ask moderators to delete this feedback. Thanks

Order ID ca9daa0e-8d93-4e81-abd4-d4dd28ae24b3

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The problem with Gameflip this is why I stopped using it. If the item works why wait 3 days to complete? It used to be ok but now you wait 3 days for someone to complete then another 4 days for Gameflip to release to money. Just a waste of time and frustrating. I you go to a normal shop you have to pay straight away so why on here do you sell something and have to wait a week to be paid.

i sold something recently, i sold like 7 of the same gift card, every buyer completed within 1-10 minutes, but one buyer never completed and let it go to autocomplete after 3 days… and then i have to wait 7 days before i can use the funds on gameflip, so a total of 10 days, and if i want a payout? thats everything from 3-7 more days… theres a reason sellers want to complete the sale quick… because there is A LOT of waiting for your money involved

I understand, but gameflip gives me possibility to hold during 3 days. And it is my own problem when I can complete order. Sometimes I buy item from iphone when I am not at home or something else - why I have to rush complete order if I can’t check code or redeem it?

The reason that the seller urged you to complete the purchase is said above. While you can complete it within 1 day or tell him why you still holding the transaction, you choose to talk against him.

you could have just talked it out and said that, gameflip mae the in order chat for that reason.

Who cares about seller’s urges? Pushing to complete transaction is just wrong. Buyer has every right to wait and there are bunch of reasons why there three days rule exists. I would say it’s not enough in some cases and there should be even more days (EDIT: for example, if Steam key is obtained with stolen credit card, it usually takes five days for it to be revoked). Btw, Gameflip is one of the quickest marketplaces in that terms (on G2*, G****O, K*****N, there is 15 and 30 days delay before money is in your wallet).

Anyway, if someone pushed me to complete, I would never buy again from him. It’s that simple.


It’s clearly unacceptable if the buyers are unsure about their products but seller keep pushing buyer to complete. But I’m talking about the kind of buyers using “their rights” to lengthen the time seller have to wait although the product is shipped and the buyers leave without saying a word. Quite annoying to me.

I kindly ask moderators to delete this feedback. Thanks

Order ID ca9daa0e-8d93-4e81-abd4-d4dd28ae24b3

Sorry for the necro, but as a guy who’s resold several keys that have been revoked, I take as much time as needed. I’ve had two and now a third instance of this happening in the past year with users that have decent reputations either exit scamming or just simply flipping keys they’d bought from a shift supplier. After losing 5k+ on this sort of stuff, this site is still by far the quickest. The difference between these and a physical store is that brick and mortar stores are seldom going to disappear into the wind at night.

I understand both sides of this. I have over 500 score, 100% positive. It takes effort to make the buying/selling experience on Gflip a pleasant one, from both sides of the transaction.

With that being said, if the buyer has a reason why they are unable to complete the order in a timely manner. Then I feel it is their obligation to let the seller know. In this particular instance, the buyer seems to want to wait because “it’s their right.” While they’re not wrong. I feel it is. If the buyer has a good reason as to why they’re unable to complete it. Then so be it, but they need to communicate that to the seller. Everyone is at risk when you make a transaction here. Not just the buyer.

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I agree that if you have a valid reason to hold a transaction for 3 days, then you should. However, if your reason is “it’s my right”, that is simply not good enough.
And don’t get me started on people who leave it to run the 3 days, then don’t have the common courtesy to at least leave feedback.
I always complete a transaction as soon as I have checked the key works, usually with a message of “thank you” with positive feedback.

My advice to anyone getting tired of this sort of thing is to simply block someone who makes you wait 3 days, this way you never have to deal with them again.

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Couldn’t agree with this comment anymore, this is exactly how it should be done. If after 3 days you as a seller didn’t like the experience with that customer, block them. It’s within your right. Honestly at the end of the day, we all play by GF’s rules and if we disagree with something just play within the rules they give and if you don’t like it, find another platform :slight_smile: . The seller won’t be your burden and they can find someone else (It’s honestly a buyers market, I’ll gladly take someone who wants to wait three days to pay me and conversly I’ll gladly return to a provider who I didn’t feel harassed by).

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