Sellers pushing buyers to complete transactions

Hi there,

I’ve been noticing lately there’s been a push from sellers to have their money unlocked quicker. As a seller myself while I do know that it’s nice to have money quicker (opposed to other sites like G2, King and others) is there anything against this in the sites sellers ToS? It seems kinda bullish to do and as a dude who owns a business, client invoicing is a thing.

72 hours isn’t long and as a customer who sometimes buys for re-trades and just takes time to check keys, I’m kinda not huge on someone breathing down my neck every time I make a purchase (or giving me negative/neutral feedback because it went to autocomplete).

I like those three days to ensure chargebacks and revokes don’t happen (Having lost a couple thousand this year from a couple of scammers, it is a real thing, unfortunately). If it’s a seller I’ve boughten from before I generally do close early, but if it’s a new seller, I shouldn’t be penalized for taking the time the site gives us, no? and as sellers, it kinda seems like bad form to be breathing down clients necks like that in my opinion.


Can you send any proof regarding what you are saying so I can investigate this further?


Definitely, I took ten screenshots of it from just within the past month all from different sellers. However, as I’d like to avoid calling people out in public like this/potentially being brigaded against, can I send them to you personally instead of posting them directly on here?

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