BUYER Confirmation time needs to be updated

So alot of sellers face this issue. And we definitely need to push and ask Gameflip to do something about this. This is absolutely ridiculous, the buyers wouldn’t be here if us sellers wouldn’t be here to provide cheap items.

We are earning for gameflip. We get charged 10% on transactions, we loose 100s of dollars daily. The subscriptions are brutal as well. But we dont really say much regarding it.

The least we ask is to reduce the time buyers are allowed for confirming transaction. 3 days is too much, it harms our business as sellers, and also reduces the potential profit we earn for ourselves n gameflip. It is downright ridiculous that us sellers have 100s and 1000s of dollars stuck simply because people redeem codes but are too lazy to confirm. This is very very unjust. Sellers are not catered to properly. Buyers should not be allowed more than 2 days to confirm unless seller allows.

Hoping for a positive response.

Thank you


I think people don’t say much anymore as it was brought up many times in the past. You also brought it up 2 days ago in this topic What can I do about customers that don’t confirm

You are only stating the negatives while ignoring the positive aspects of the 3 day hold system. I’d take it over sites like eBay or PayPal that give you funds immediately but allow chargebacks for half a year. I prefer a 3 day wait knowing that after that I never have to worry. I’m also happy to give them a % as they pay for ads to bring me customers, offer discount codes and credits that help sell my items, and offer protection against many sorts of fraud.

As a buyer there are tons of scammers out there in some sections. I stopped buying gift cards from anyone other than steam pumpkin after having so many issues.

One option would be to block buyers who do not rate quickly enough.

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(Posted this as a topic 2 days ago but I’m not sure if anyone seen it so since it’s related to your topic I will add it here for support)

• Hello everyone, just had a thought regarding new buyers to Gameflip. With the way things are now, new comers are given the option to join the site and attempt to make a first purchase without being verified. Here’s why that shouldn’t be:

• Example: new buyer buys an automatic delivery code but because of not being verified their purchase is “under review” for up to 3 days while waiting for a verification. This in turn holds up the code they attempted to purchase when it could’ve been purchased by another verified buyer in that 3 days time frame. Not to mention, a lot of times the buyers verification gets denied which puts your item back available for sale but depending what the item is and the current market price, you may be forced to sell that same item for 3X’s less than what is was worth at the time it was held up under review. See what I’m getting at here?

Basically in my opinion, new buyers not being verified shouldn’t hold our listings hostage until they get verified by Gameflip. Especially not for digital code items! Anyone agree or am I over reaching with this one? Just a general topic and maybe something Gameflip would consider looking into for better seller experience

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Or at least make the buyer rate timer the same as the seller’s delivery timer.

• Meaning: item sold on 1 day delivery, buyer should have to complete transaction within the same 1 day delivery time frame…

Why do buyers automatically get 3 days if the sellers sends in 1… just a thought…

(Reposting this here as well)


@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

I know it probably won’t change things but at least give it a read and some thought. I understand the wait and delivery timer reasons but at least hear out our reasons as sellers who are dramatically negatively effected by this


Hello guys!

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. We will discuss with the team about it, especially about the buyer timeframe for rating.

@THC_Mod.Shop There are a couple of reasons for purchases to stop under review, and not being verified does not necessarily mean that your purchase will stop. Also, purchases under review are verified on the same day of the purchase and the user has 24h to send us the requested information or his purchase will be canceled. If you see purchases being stopped for 3 days under review (in pending status), please let us know.

An example: A verified user purchasing from a different country than the one he/she registered on his account. This can make his/her purchases to stop under review.


That is not the main problem, main problem is customers using codes and then not confirming, they waste our time and hold our money hostage


Thank you for taking the time to read and respond. Our main concern as sellers is, rate timer after item is delivered successfully. I understand the new buyer under review. Just give some thought and discussion with your team about the rate timers. If we are providing excellent speedy service we should receive the same to get our money. Again thank you for taking the time to consider :slight_smile:

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Yup, now I am upto $700 stuck thanks to ignorance and indecency of buyers.
I dont have a money machine to keep pumping money into gameflip.

Please kindly take a look on buyer timer to confirm
Thank you

@MajorTom @DarkKnight @DunnBiscuit

Tell me about it, I have 20 orders just like that. like what is this stupidity or shall I say indecency. Like making us beg for it and yet they dont. Even though all it takes is just 3 damn clicks to confirm.

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That Is so true. Us sellers are the reason gameflip stays in business yet no decency to help us out at all. We pay 10% commission, brutal. But no complains bout that. This is ridiculous. You guys really need to do something about buyer confirmation time. I also have about $1300 stuck, thanks to indecent and ignorant buyers. I am trying hard to refrain from using any strong language.


Exactly!!! They get their stuff and just throw their app away! Like hello? U asked for a service, do ur part on it! They think we have unlimited funds to use lol if we choose 1 day for delivering it should also be 1 day for accepting :frowning:


Moreover there should be an Auto Rating system. It’s ridiculous I’ve not had bout 500 people rate me. That is so critical

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I agree with this all. I have sold 2k + Gift cards but only 1300 people rated me . Someone of them its just too lazy to write feedback so… If u can make timer for finished transaction if buyer dont give feedback like auto-feedback .
@MajorTom @DarkKnight

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Btw guys tell your friends to come n support this post.

I actually just checked, I have 900 ads that were not rated. How good is that right?

Seller Gets = Charged digital fees, 10% commission, gets ads hostage, people dont rate, people dont confirm n thus gets hundreds and thousands stuck.

Beautiful atm =D

As I’ve mentioned, I’ll discuss this topic with the rest of the team during the week. I’ve already read your feedback and suggestions and it didn’t go unnoticed, so please allow us to have some time to discuss and to further investigate the best option in this case.

The auto-rating feature already exists for a long time. As it’s described in our guidelines at the moment, the buyer has 3 days to check and confirm the transaction (otherwise it will be automatically completed by the system).

@yousafzafar Keep refraining from using any strong language because if you do, you will get muted in the forum, or reported for offensive language in the marketplace.


Tom Yes complete transaction but no feedback thats what I am saying.

Yup, I recently calculated. N wow, I have about 900 people who haven’t rated me :smiley: I could’ve easily been at 4100 ratings atm.

And top side, ppl say “yea gimme code I’ll confirm”. They use code n boom, they don’t even care, inhuman, they are lazy n don’t confirm.

At the moment I have 30 ads where people have used codes and don’t reply and confirm. It’s amazing how inconsiderate people can be

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Thats what i am saying. Gameflip should make update when guy not rate after 24 hours or 48 hours auto rate ( feedback green ).